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AWESOME 'Go-To' transitions for Premiere Pro. Highly recommended! Posted by Dangerous Dan (Dangerous Productions) on Sep 9th 2019

In a word — AWESOME.

Jaap and his team have meticulously crafted our 'go-to' transitions for Premiere Pro.

They are steady as a rock (never crash or bog down the system) and creatively customizable.

Even the default settings are usually spot on, but if you do need to tweak them, you can.

Five stars for all four (4) of the packs so far and five stars for their customer service.

Highly recommended. If you have Premiere Pro, you need these transitions.

— Dan

BY FAR the most useful set of plugins I've ever come across. Posted by Kelsey Brannan on Aug 23rd 2019

I use the Motion Impacts Animations and Film Impact Motion Tween in almost every video. It's BY FAR the most useful set of plugins I've ever come across.

Kelsey Brannan (aka Premiere Gal)

...It REALLY helped us on our project this week! Posted by Felipe Rodriguez on Aug 23rd 2019

Wherever in the world u are, THAT was a FAST answer... and it REALLY helped us on our project this week!

Felipe Rodriguez —

Director / Writer at KIDCAP FILMS INC.

I want to publicly profess my love for @filmimpact for #motiontween Posted by Matthew Fletcher on Nov 8th 2018

Film Impact makes my edits look great and my clients happy Posted by John A. Calhoun on Jul 19th 2018

Love your work; it makes my edits look great and my clients are happy!

Thanks for giving me the tools to create Posted by Randy Alan on Jun 29th 2018

You guys literally are the best. I've used your products since 2014. Just bought Volume 4. Used your tools in everything from Billboard music videos, to TV shows, to personal projects. 100% support your team and what you are doing. Thanks for giving me the tools to create! Tweeded on June 27th 2018

Your stuff is amazing! Posted by Eric Vigneault on May 10th 2018

Great work guys! Your variety of transitions help me to add or emphasize the character I want to give my work! 

You guys nailed it with the TP4 release Posted by Rachel Foster on Apr 9th 2018

You guys nailed it with the TP4 release. In particular, Plateau, Slice, and Warp. 

Bounce Pack and Motion Tween save me a ton of time Posted by Austin Brooks on Apr 6th 2018

I wanted to send you a quick note saying thanks for the great plugins. I purchased the complete bundle a few months ago and has drastically changed my workflow. I don\'t think I have used another transition vendor since purchase. Also, the bounce and motion tween has been awesome and save me a ton of time while adding some cool movements to otherwise bland corporate videos. in case you like to see how your plugins are being used, here are a few videos that were done almost 100% with your plugins.


Indispensable plugins Posted by Russ Carlin on Apr 5th 2018

With Film Impact's Motion and Bounce packs, we're able to add another dimension to the projects we create as a working video company. The Impact Spring has been particularly useful in some of our corporate videos. Thanks for creating an indispensable plugin!
Russ Carlin -

A terrific way how to use Impact Transitions in Premiere Posted by Mario Alexandre on Mar 15th 2018

Just found out a terrific way how to use Impact Transitions in premiere pro without destroying edited layers ... Using an adjustment layer and doing a cut where the transition is supposed to happen ... Everything is adjustable in real time... Just got amazed with so much time saved, without using nested compositions. Best regards. Mario

Motion Tween is a game changer! Posted by Christopher Gibbs on Jan 9th 2018

I love Motion Tween, and have been recommending it to everyone to totally replace Cross Dissolve in Premiere. Such a simple plugin has been a game changer for me. Thanks a ton!

Transition pack Posted by on Aug 17th 2017

I weighed up the cost and um'd and arr'd. went for it, got it, love it love it love it love it! awesome plugin. my editing charges just went up! :-)

My go-to transitions. Every project! Posted by Christiaan Vink on Mar 22nd 2017

The Film Impact transitions are a great value to my productions. They are elegant - smooth - rough - poppy - fast - high quality. Everything is there. Just what I need.
I own a lot of transitions from other companies, but I always come back to the Transitions from Film Impact. Superb!
(And I love it that it is not a subscription, but a one time purchase.)

A quality product from the Netherlands.

Christiaan Vink
Arts eMotion | Video Communications

Super handy tools! Posted by Matt Jacobs on Feb 14th 2017

I spent ages looking for great transition packs and found what I was looking for with Film Impacts awesome offerings. Whether I'm working on a commercial piece, or something more personal, I make use of Film Impacts transitions to add some dazzle to my projects! Thanks for putting together some super handy tools! - Matt Jacobs - Filmmaking Lifestyle

Great plug-ins! Posted by Gregory on Jan 27th 2017

Great plug-ins and some of the best customer service I have ever encountered! Keep up the great work!

Director/Editor Posted by on Jun 9th 2016

LOVE LOVE LOVE your effects!!!

Spread the word! Cannot believe the difference! Posted by on Oct 21st 2015

Outstanding products a "must have" for any editor and a tool for every director. The transition packs transform the way we make films. Thank you guys!

A great product for editors new and seasoned. Posted by on Sep 27th 2015

I've always had a great experience with Film Impact products - they offer essential, customizable, and tasteful effects that can compliment a variety of videos. Furthermore, their customer service and support team is fantastic - really can't recommend this enough.

Film Impact's Transition pack make my projects more exciting Posted by Matthew on Jan 31st 2015

As a video production professional, software like Film Impact's Transition pack make my projects more exciting. Whether it's editing a wedding, a corporate film or a promo piece, I keep FI's transition pack handy and this awesome piece of software gets lots of use.

Matthew Crawford, Shoot The Piano Player Films

News Promo With Filmimpact.Net Transitions Posted by JH on Jan 7th 2015

News Promo With Filmimpact.Net Transitions from Erik Naso on Vimeo.

These are great transition that are super easy to use in Premiere Pro CS6 as well as CC. Just drag and drop in between two clips and customize them the way you like. You don't need to change them most of the time since the default works pretty well. Check out my blog post here:

These are all from Volume 2 Here are the plug ins in order that I used.

Impact Glass
Impact Zoom Bur
Impact Directional Blur
Impact Rays
Impact Zoom Blur
Impact Wipe
Impact Flash
Impact Push
Impact Chroma Leak

Great use of the VHS Distortion Video Transition: Posted by on Jan 6th 2015

Yaniv Schwartz has made some very interesting videos using the Impact VHS Distortion.

Great stuff Posted by Andre on Aug 21st 2014

These are the best effects we ever had! Easy to handle and always looks great! We have both packages and that's everything we need!

I use these transitions all the time. Posted by D Garton on May 29th 2014

Looking forward to next pack.

Love your product. Posted by Kevin on Apr 7th 2014

VERY VERY efficient.

Awesome! Posted by B. D on Mar 19th 2014

Great product cheap price! Thanks.

Quick, Fast, and in a Hurry. Posted by Ivan Settles on Mar 15th 2014

Great product, I would love to see some 3d transitions in the future. Thanks

These Effects are great. Fast and easy to perform Posted by Michael O on Mar 8th 2014

In News editing, I needed something very fast for editing in the field. These Effects are great. Fast and easy to perform so I can make my deadline.

I stumbled onto this site... Posted by patcamera on Oct 7th 2013

I stumbled onto this site... Though a link on creative cow, perhaps. I'm glad I did. It's amazing the 'polished' look that can come from nice, but not gaudy, simple transitions. These make it easy!

These transitions are perfect for adding a bit of gloss to every job. Posted by Gartioni on Sep 19th 2013

These plugins fill the void left intentionally empty by Adobe, who want you to use After Effects, which is fair enough. But editors don't always have the time or skill to take that option. I'm looking forward to the next version.