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Transition Pack 2 requires a video graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.0 or higher.
Graphics card bought in 2009 or later, will support at least OpenGL 3.0.
Many will even have OpenGL 4.0+.

What is OpenGL?

OpenGL is the Open Graphics Library. A programming interface that many graphics applications use.

How do you check if your graphics card meets the OpenGL requirement? 

If you are not sure if your graphics card meets the OpenGL requirement, the easiest way to check is to install the demo version of the Transition Pack 2 on your system. Please visit our download page to obtain a demo copy. If you apply one of the transitions of the Transition Pack 2 and no error appears, your graphics hardware is supported! It is that simple. 

You may also search the internet for your brand an model of your video graphics card and look for the OpenGL version. The version should be at least version 3.0

What if the demo version is showing an error code?

Error codes 800000+ or 900000+ means your OpenGL version is not compatible.

OpenGL 2.1 users might be lucky! 

If you have OpenGL 2.1, you might be able to run the Transition Pack 2. But only if your OpenGL version supports the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension. This extension does not always come with each OpenGL 2.1 version though.

Please download and install our demo version to check if your graphics hardware is supported.
With OpenGL 3.0 the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension is guaranteed, so we state the minimal OpenGL 3.0 to keep things simple.