• What is new in Premiere Pro CC 2017?

It is always a pleasure to see new Creative Cloud Updates coming our way! Premiere Pro CC 2017 brings cool new features to your favorite editing program.

Many of you will probably like added GPU accelerated Effect and a more streamlined integration of Dynamic Link between After Effects and Premiere Pro. Other added and improved features include Improved Lumetri color correction tools, Visual keyboard shortcut mapping, Improved VR support and Improved Audio FX. 

Below is a list of added and updated features for you to enjoy:

Collaborating using Team Projects (Beta)

This release introduces Team Projects, a hosted service for CC enterprise users that lets editors and motion graphics artists work collaboratively in projects within Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Prelude CC. This service adds deep collaboration features such as version history and smart conflict resolution.
More information about working simultaneously in shared video projects.

New VR support

You can work with stitched equirectangular video to show field-of-view, enabling you to replicate viewing experiences while you edit your content. Premiere Pro now auto-detects the ingested VR media type and determines the proper VR settings. You can easily add a metadata flag to your content so that VR-capable video players, such as YouTube or Facebook, automatically recognize that your content is 360-degree.
More information about support for VR workflows

Enhanced open captions

Premiere Pro allows editors to create Open Captions, also known as subtitles, which are captions burned into the video stream. You can create, import and export XML and SRT files. In the Captions panel, you can create caption blocks, add text, and change the text formatting.
More information about working with captions

Visual Keyboard shortcut mapping

This allows you to optimize your workflow by mapping your keyboard to functionality that you use very frequently.
More information about Keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC

Refined Lumetri color tools

Enhanced color grading that works great with HDR footage.
More information about High Dynamic Range Controls

Improved Live Text Template

You can now use Live Text Templates to include dynamic graphics with video content in Premiere Pro. Since this helps you to directly edit the text within those graphics, saving a round trip to After Effects.
More information about using a live text template capsule (.aecap) file in Premiere Pro

Dynamic Link

Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects is improved, making working with both applications more streamlined.

Improved Audio Effects

Some effects are updated adding higher quality sound processing and improved fidelity. Here is a list of updated effects:

  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Dynamics Processing
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Automatic Click Remover
  • Studio Reverb
  • Analog Delay
  • Chorus/Flanger
  • DeHummer
  • Guitar Suite
  • Phaser
  • Single Band Compressor
  • Tube Modeled Compressor
  • Vocal Enhancer 
  • Multi-Band Compressor

Support for extra file formats

Along with more efficient ingest of camera media, this version also provides for native QT DNxHD / DNxHR export.

More information about the features of Premiere Pro can be found here: New Premiere Pro Features Summary.

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