• Update within 48 Hours after a Tweet

“Woah, this is great! I was not expecting such a quick response!” 

Following a tweet by Taran Van Hemert, we’ve added a new feature for the entire set of Bounce Pack video transitions and for Motion Tween too. All within a 48-hour timeline!

The case of Taran showed why it would be good to have an option to prevent the animation curve to ‘undershoot’ so we’ve added a checkbox to get that new behavior across eight of our plugins. 

Curve stays above 100% with the checkbox checked

It all started with the following tweet:

9:23 AM – 11 Dec 2017: Initial Tweet by Taran Van Hemert

5:28 AM – 12 Dec 2017: We are working on some new math curves

2:54 PM – Dec 13, 2017: Update Ready

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