• Premiere Pro CC 11.0.2 Stability Update

Today Adobe released another stability update for Premiere Pro CC 2017. The 11.0.2 update contains important bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

Stability updates in general

Stability updates are considered relatively small. They usually fix a lot of issues. Chances that it will break your current project are slim. Still, we think that if you don’t run into any software issues at the moment, we recommend you finish your current project before updating any of the CC Apps. Take the size of your current project into consideration. Reverting to the previous version is difficult. So schedule your updates especially when you are in the middle of a big project.

In the ideal world…

In the ideal world, you update the Creative Cloud applications after you finish your current editing project and before you start a new one. This can become difficult if you have multiple projects running at the same time.

More details

More details about the 11.0.2 update are found at the Adobe Premiere Pro 11.0.2 Blog. This page contains a list of the main issues that have been fixed with this update.


You can install the update through the Creative Cloud desktop application, or you can check for new updates from within any Creative Cloud application by choosing Help > Updates.

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