• Premiere Pro 2017.1 Spring Update

What is new in the 2017.1 Update of Premiere?

Essential Graphics panel

You may have noticed the Title-Menu has disappeared. Titles can now be created directly from the program monitor using the Type-Tool. The Essential Graphics Panel will show the different layers of graphics items. It also gives control over the font types, colors, spacing etc. All the controls you would expect are there in the Essential Graphics Panel. It is more like you are used to with other Adobe Apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Essential Graphics panel

If you’ve built a lot of titles in previous versions of Premiere, you can still load these projects and work with them. 

Motion Graphics templates

Another thing that has been greatly improved, is something previously called: Live Text Templates. It is now called Motion Graphics Templates. You can create these templates in Premiere Pro itself. But you can also use After Effects to built these. What is cool about this, is the fact that you can change variables such as text, color, size, layout or mood all within Premiere. Motion Graphics Templates are quite easy to build and can be easily shared via CC Libraries and archived in the Essential Graphics Panel for easy access.

Motion Graphics templates

Essential Sound Panel

Achieve professional sounding audio without leaving Premiere Pro using the Essential Sound Panel. You can easily assign mix types to a clip, identifying the role each clip plays in the project. dialogue, music or sound effects. The panel then exposes effects, sliders, and tools appropriate for that type of content. For example, dialogue clips can be analyzed and set to a uniform loudness, have background noise or interference reduced, and add compression and EQ for
improved clarity using simple sliders and options. Environmental sounds can also be adjusted to add a greater depth and space.

Essential Sound Panel

Audio Effects

Among the many new effects, editors can use Convolution Reverb, which records a clap and applies the acoustics to a different recording to make it sound like it was recorded in the same environment, and a DeEsser which reduces sibilants and hard “s” sounds in recorded dialogue. Other audio effects have been updated to include real-time spectral displays and meters.

There is also a better integration with with Audition. All audio effects and key-frames can be transferred smoothly over to Audition in case you need the power of this Audio Editing Program.

Destination Publishing to Adobe Stock

Contribute to Adobe Stock easily right within Premiere Pro or Media Encoder. Contributing to Adobe Stock gives you the opportunity to earn royalties and gain added exposure for their creative work. 

Ambisonic audio for VR

Premiere Pro now supports ambisonic audio export, enriching the VR experience with positionally-aware audio for VR enabled platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Other Additions

The Apple Touch Bar that comes with the latest Mac Book Pro is now supported in Premiere Pro as well as Dial support in Windows allows for timeline scrubbing via new Dell Canvas Totem and Microsoft Surface Dial devices. The options for keyboard-driven workflows in Premiere Pro is also extended. HLG (Hybrid LOG Gamma) export further allows Premiere Pro editors to work with the increasing demands of HDR.

Apple Touch Bar  Dell Canvas Totem

And More…

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