• Adobe Update: Premiere Pro 11.1.2

Critical Update on Adobe Premiere Pro

Today Adobe released another update for Adobe Premiere Pro. This update contains mainly bug fixes and improvements. It should be pretty safe to install this update. Adobe actually states this is a Critical Update and highly recommends installing this update.

New Media Cache Management

The reason why this is a Critical Update involves a feature introduced in 11.1 called: Media Cache Management.

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  • Exiting New Product: Motion Tween

Key Frames Are History

Impact Motion Tween is an impressive video transition for Premiere Pro CC that can quickly move around your footage and graphics elements without using keyframes. 

  • Brand New Innovative Tool
  • Easy to apply
  • GPU Accelerated
  • and 25 presets to get you started.

 Motion Tween

Motion Tween is all about moving elements from A to B.

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  • Impact Light Leaks – In Depth Video Tutorial

Impact Light Leaks

Welcome to another In-Depth video by Film Impact. In this episode, I will be talking about the Impact Light Leaks that is part of Transition Pack 3.

Doesn’t everybody love light leaks?

If you don’t know what they are, googling it around will show you images like these:

Light Leaks are inspired by a defect in older photography cameras where somehow light could leak into the normally light-tight chamber,

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  • Premiere Pro 2017.1 Spring Update

What is new in the 2017.1 Update of Premiere?

Essential Graphics panel

You may have noticed the Title-Menu has disappeared. Titles can now be created directly from the program monitor using the Type-Tool. The Essential Graphics Panel will show the different layers of graphics items. It also gives control over the font types, colors, spacing etc. All the controls you would expect are there in the Essential Graphics Panel.

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  • Curve Tweaking – Impact Dissolve Update

Curve Tweaking

Our free video transition: Impact Dissolve has been updated. Version 3.6.7 and future versions will now show a visual curve graph in the effects controls panel. This curve graph indicates how fast the transition will dissolve from clip A to clip B during the length of the transition. 

The curve can be tweaked using two bezier controls.

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  • V3.6 Plugin Improvements Now Ready For Download

Plugin Improvements

Every Film Impact Plugin for Premiere Pro CC has been improved and updated to version 3.6.1.

Here is what we have added:

Improved Overall Render Speeds

The overall render speed has been improved. This becomes especially noticeable when rendering single sided transitions.

HDR Support 

The plugins now respect High Dynamic Range (HDR) color values.

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  • Premiere Pro CC 11.0.2 Stability Update

Today Adobe released another stability update for Premiere Pro CC 2017. The 11.0.2 update contains important bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

Stability updates in general

Stability updates are considered relatively small. They usually fix a lot of issues. Chances that it will break your current project are slim. Still, we think that if you don’t run into any software issues at the moment,

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  • Bounce Pack – In Depth Video Tutorial

Welcome to the In-Depth-Video about Film Impact’s Bounce Pack

Bounce Pack is an incredibly powerful set of video transitions.
It allows you to quickly create smooth animations within Premiere without having to jump to After Effects.
Here are a few examples of things that can be achieved with Bounce pack.

We’ll start off slowly with a small sequence that contains three elements and a white background.

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  • Impact Dissolve – In Depth Video Tutorial

Welcome to the first In-Depth-Video by Film Impact

This episode we’ll be talking about the Mother of all video transitions: The Dissolve.
The default cross dissolve built into Premiere Pro has an issue that becomes visible in certain situations.
To overcome this, we’ve built a new tool for you to use.

But what exactly is wrong with the built-in Cross Dissolve?

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  • What is new in Premiere Pro CC 2017?

It is always a pleasure to see new Creative Cloud Updates coming our way! Premiere Pro CC 2017 brings cool new features to your favorite editing program.

Many of you will probably like added GPU accelerated Effect and a more streamlined integration of Dynamic Link between After Effects and Premiere Pro. Other added and improved features include Improved Lumetri color correction tools, Visual keyboard shortcut mapping,

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