• Transition Pack 4: Brand new Video Transitions

10 Brand new video transition for Premiere Pro

Transition Pack 4 is out now

Get ready for a brand new set of video transitions by Film Impact.
Expand your toolset with 10 compelling transitions.

Some of our favorite video transitions

Impact Warp

Impact Warp blends together various 3D movements seamlessly to create a smooth transition between two scenes.

This is such a nice video transition to play with. It comes with a ‘Surprise Me’-button, that will give you a general idea of its capabilities. The speed of the movements and the amount of motion blur that comes with that really warps from one scene to another.

Impact Lens Blur

Impact Lens Blur is an awesome looking blur dissolve with adjustable bokeh shapes.

The Impact Lens Blur feels so nice and soft. The blur amount can be cranked up quite high, giving a fantastic look. The adjustable bokeh shapes and options make it feel different every time. 

Impact Stretch Wipe

Impact Stretch Wipe stretches your scene like cheese while wiping on or off your scene with options to crank up the exposure while it is doing so.

The distorted effect created by Impact Stretch Wipe looks great on both video footage as well as logos and text.

Specially designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Transition Pack 4 is only compatible with Premiere Pro CC. We know there are some of you out there still using Premiere Pro CS6 or even CS5, But did you know there is a huge advantage for using Premiere Pro CC with our video transitions? The parameter controls are directly accessible in the Effects Controls Tab. This makes tweaking each transition so much better. You can directly see the effect of what you are doing. Seriously, you don’t want to go back to any CS version of Premiere once you get used to this. 

Value for money

When you play around with the transition parameter controls, you will find all of them are very versatile. There are tons of options. Most of the Transition Pack 4 video transitions work great for logos and text too. With these 10 high-quality video transitions for just $99, you will absolutely have a blast. 

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