• Curve Tweaking – Impact Dissolve Update

Curve Tweaking

Our free video transition: Impact Dissolve has been updated. Version 3.6.7 and future versions will now show a visual curve graph in the effects controls panel. This curve graph indicates how fast the transition will dissolve from clip A to clip B during the length of the transition. 

The curve can be tweaked using two bezier controls. These controls allow maximum control over the curve. Once you tweak the settings, the visual curve automatically updates.

Default Values

The default values of ’34’ for the Ease In and ’34’ for the Ease-Out corresponds to a nice sine curve. These values will produce the same results as this transition would give using previous versions. It is a very nice, smooth looking curve.

Licensed Users

The options to tweak the bezier controls are only available when you have a fully licensed version of Transition Pack 1 installed. The free version of this transition has fixed default values. Do you want to be able to tweak the curve? Get a license for Transition Pack 1.

Update Now

Download your updated copy here.

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