• Creative Cloud Update Recommendation

Adobe has released another big update on their entire range of Creative Cloud Applications. All professional video applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder and others have now been updated to version CC 2017. 

Updates are always cool because they usually add new features to programs we use on a daily basis. However: We always recommend people to be careful when updating.

Updating your Premiere project to CC 2017 is a one-way street. You don’t get to switch back easily. This is why we recommend updating after you finished your current project. This saves you from disaster if something was to break or work differently in the new version.

How to update safely?

Did you know you can have multiple major versions of the same Adobe Application side by side? This is a very effective solution to update more safely. It allows you to finish your project in the older application version and start off new projects with the new one. Here is how:

When the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop asks you to update your applications, please consider turning Off the advanced option ‘Remove older versions’.

Turn off the advanced option 'Remove older version' to keep the older versions

Switching OFF this checkbox allows you to keep the older version of the creative cloud applications. They can work safely side by side allowing you to move over to CC 2017 when you are ready.


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