• Bounce Pack New Option: Bezier Curves

Bounce Pack has been updated

Bounce Pack version 3.6.6 has a brand new curve option: Bezier Curves. Our Motion Tween engine already supported Bezier Curves. Since both Motion Tween and Bounce Pack are very much related to each other, we’ve added the same curve options to Bounce Pack as well. 

The relationship between Bounce Pack and Motion Tween

How are Bounce Pack and Motion Tween related to each other? Bounce Pack is very useful on the edges of a clip, revealing or concealing graphic elements. Motion Tween is excellent for moving items from one position to another. It uses Bounce Pack technology for creating smooth animation in between two clips. Both can add a dazzling amount of motion blur which emphasizes the action.

Visual Curve

The bezier curve can now be selected in the Parameter Controls. Just change the Curve Type to ‘Bezier’. The curve will be directly visible indicating how things will animate through time.

Get your updated copy

Download your updated copy of Bounce Pack on our Updates Page.

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