• Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018: We are ready!

Premiere Pro CC 2018 is out now.

With the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud 2018, a new version of Premiere Pro CC has arrived too! Ready to see the main new features of Premiere Pro CC 2018?


Updating Premiere Pro

The Adobe Creative Cloud App will show you when updates for your Creative Cloud Apps are ready. We are excited that our favorite video editing tool is very much alive and keeps improving. However, we continue telling people to wait before updating. At least finish your current project(s), before you decide to move over. It’s because your work probably depends on this tool. So don’t rush. Experiment.

Premiere Pro versions

With the latest version of the Creative Cloud Desktop App, switching between Premiere versions has been made very simple. This is a nice improvement. But keep in mind that project versions are not backward compatible with different Premiere versions. Once you start off in CC 2018, you can’t use that project in CC 2017…

Easily switch between Premiere Pro versions

Different Premiere Pro versions can be installed side by side as far as the major releases are concerned. So the CC 2018 version can be installed side by side with CC 2017 and CC 2015. Minor version updates cannot sit side by side. For example, installing Premiere Pro CC 11.0.2 will overwrite any other 11.x.x version.

Project Versions

Again premiere Pro project versions are not backward compatible. A project created with CC 2018, cannot be opened in CC 2017. This can become tricky when you start using CC 2018, and you found that some feature has accidentally been broken. You probably want to start off with a small project, just to see if everything is working for you.

We are excited about Premiere Pro CC 2018

Even though we tell people not to dive into new major App versions blindly, we are still happy about the ongoing innovations and improvements that come with this new version of Premiere. Our video transitions continue to work with Premiere Pro CC 2018 without the need for any updates. We are ready!

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