• We support macOS Catalina

Film Impacts Premium Software is compatible with macOS Catalina

This week Apple released its brand new macOS Catalina — Version: 10.15.

Our premium software is fully compatible with this major update of macOS.

Happy Editing!

And cheers from the entire Film Impact Team 

  • Absolutely Free Video Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro

Do you want to have Free Premium Video Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro?

Let’s dive into the impact and value of Film Impact Video Transitions starting with the Impact Push video plugin. 
Impact Push is Absolutely Free. It’s a must-have video transition for every video editor.

Impact Push: A great way to move from one clip into another.

This Video Transitions with built-in Motion Blur adds speed to every move.

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  • Seamless Zoom Video Transitions Applied Quickly

Seamless Zoom Video Transitions Applied Quickly

Create those quick fancy seamless zoom transitions in just mere seconds.
It’s fast, powerful and easy —
ust drag and drop…

Jaap Boerhof, senior developer and founder of Film Impact, demonstrates two premium video transitions:

  1. Impact Zoom Blur
  2. Impact Warp.

Both video transitions are very effective ways to create this high-energy fast-moving seamless zoom video transition right within Adobe Premiere Pro.

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  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 13.1 (April 2019)

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019.1

Here are the top new features brought to you in the April 2019 release (version 13.1) of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Freeform view

Use the new Freeform view in the Project panel to organize and review your media and storyboard ideas for your projects.

Use Rulers and Guides

Layout text,

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  • Motion Tween: A masterful plug-in

Attention Premiere Pro Users…

Wish your videos looked more professional?
Do you feel stuck in the same old rut?
Troubled by that nagging feeling, that your videos lack punch, and pizzazz?

You see how others us keyframed motion graphics — Successfully and you want to blaze your own trail, too!


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  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

We always embrace new Premiere Pro versions and we are happy to say that Film Impact is ready for this new version of Premiere!

Updating to Premiere Pro CC 2019

The Premiere Pro update is available online or directly from your Creative Cloud application.

Disable Auto updates: Creative Cloud now supports auto updates for the Creative Cloud apps.

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  • Premiere Pro CC 12.1.2 Release

Premiere Pro CC July 2018 (version 12.1.2) release

The July version of Premiere Pro has been improved mainly under the hood. You can expect bug fixes, performance improvements and a few new features like hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding plus expanded plus improved format support.

Hardware acceleration updates

Hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVC decoding on Mac

Hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVC decoding are now supported on MacBook Pro and iMac Pro machines with Mac OS 10.13.

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  • Premiere Pro 2018.1 Update: What’s new?

  • Transition Pack 4: Brand new Video Transitions

10 Brand new video transition for Premiere Pro

Transition Pack 4 is out now

Get ready for a brand new set of video transitions by Film Impact.
Expand your toolset with 10 compelling transitions.

Some of our favorite video transitions

Impact Warp

Impact Warp blends together various 3D movements seamlessly to create a smooth transition between two scenes.

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  • Video Transitions Overview

This page gives a quick overview of all our 49 video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro.

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