Mar 16th 2018 Transition Pack 4: Brand new Video Transitions

10 Brand new video transition for Premiere Pro

Transition Pack 4 is out now

Get ready for a brand new set of video transitions by Film Impact.
Expand your toolset with 10 compelling transitions.

Some of our favourite video transitions

Impact Warp

Impact Warp blends together various 3D movements seamlessly to create a smooth transition between two scenes.

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Mar 15th 2018 Video Transitions Overview

This page gives a quick overview of all our 49 video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Feb 26th 2018 Learn from the best at Editors Retreat 2018

Generate leading-edge work

Join us for the 12th Annual Editors Retreat! A five day, interactive event created for experienced TV, film and video editors. The event, taking place from July 25-29, 2018 in the buzzing production hub of Atlanta, GA. brings together industry visionaries to discuss and share the latest technologies, techniques, platforms, and workflows you should be applying to generate leading-edge work.

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  • Compelling Video Transitions

    Transition Pack 4 is our latest set of video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It contains 10 compelling video transitions. These are all GPU accelerated for high performance. Try them for free!

  • Animate without keyframes

    Impact Motion Tween is an impressive video transition for Adobe Premiere Pro CC that can easily move around your logos, titles and lower thirds without using key frames. Read more…

  • Dynamic Animations

    Bounce Pack is a set of energetic video transitions specially designed for creating beautiful logo reveals, title animations and lower 3rds. Learn more…


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