Sep 11th 2017 Bounce Pack New Option: Bezier Curves

Bounce Pack has been updated

Bounce Pack version 3.6.6 has a brand new curve option: Bezier Curves. Our Motion Tween engine already supported Bezier Curves. Since both Motion Tween and Bounce Pack are very much related to each other, we’ve added the same curve options to Bounce Pack as well. 

Relationship between Bounce Pack and Motion Tween

How are Bounce Pack and Motion Tween related to each other?

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Sep 6th 2017 The power of Motion Tween by Premiere Gal

The power of Motion Tween by Premiere Gal

In this video tutorial you will learn how to easily animate your logos, titles and lower thirds with a dazzling amount of motion blur to emphasize the action in Adobe Premiere Pro. No keyframing needed! Motion Tween by Film Impact is a HUGE time saver. 

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Jun 14th 2017 Adobe Update: Premiere Pro 11.1.2

Critical Update on Adobe Premiere Pro

Today Adobe released another update for Adobe Premiere Pro. This update contains mainly bug fixes and improvements. It should be pretty safe to install this update. Adobe actually states this is a Critical Update and highly recommends installing this update.

New Media Cache Management

The reason why this is a Critical Update involves a feature introduced in 11.1 called: Media Cache Management.

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  • Animate without keyframes

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  • Transition Pack 3 for Adobe Premiere CC 2017, 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 & CS5.5

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